Occupational Nurses' Specialty Association of British Columbia

News - Spring/Summer 2016

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CSA Standard: Call for Review  

"We are pleased to announce that draft Z317.13 Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities is now at the Public Review stage."  The draft can be accessed on the CSA Public Review site at the following link: http://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/1997


National Certification Exam Applications

CNA has been experiencing difficulties with their website so the application periods for applications, exams and renewals have been extended.

See: https://nurseone.ca/en/certification/get-certified

Online application period: April 11 to August 8, 2016

Next CNA certification exams: September 19 to October 7, 2016

Renewals by exam:

Online application period: April 11 to August 8, 2016

Renewals by continuous learning:

Online application period: April 11 to November 30, 2016

If you would like to read more about how and why the CNA certification process is changing click on the heading "Changes to the National Certification Exam" heading on the left hand menu. 


CNF Bursaries

The Canadian Nurses Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for nursing education at the baccalaureate and graduate levels. They also offer bursaries to offset the cost of writing the CNA certification examination.  For more information see: http://cnf-fiic.ca/what-we-do/scholarships-and-bursaries/

Deadline for applications is March 31st.

ONSA BC Survey Results

What activities should an OHN specialty association undertake? Here's what you told us:  2015 ONSA SURVEY.pdf


Registered Nurses Foundation Bursaries

Check out the RNF webpage for information and application details for the RNF Bursaries. ONSA membership is a criteria for the BC Occupational Health Nurses bursary. You may also qualify for others, check the desciptions for more details.  www.rnfbc.ca/bursary-info-and-application/